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National hockey player Chua Boon Huat dies in road accident

Hockey star Boon Huat dies in car accident

New Straits Times - 02 August 2013
PETALING JAYA: ONE of the nation's brightest hockey stars, Chua Boon Huat, died in a traffic accident yesterday. The 33-year-old, a mainstay of the national hockey team since 1998, died when his Proton Perdana rammed into the back of a highway ...

Funeral Service KL | 福泰殯儀服務 | Mr Teh 0196630217

Mr Teh 0196630217
Funeral Service KL | 福泰殯儀服務
Feng Shui Funeral Service
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Video shows the compound of a Chinese Cemetery Kepong Jinjang in Kuala Lumpur. This is one of the cemeteries left. The rest of the place was renovation for a new multi-purpose hall and funeral parlors. There is a temple for visitors to worship.

Funeral Services KL 福泰殯儀服務 Kong 6019-6630217, 60129668133

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Hock Thai Funeral Service, Kong 60196630217, 60129668133

Feng Shui Funeral Service

Preparing the son-in-law banner

Funeral Altar


Chinese Funeral Procession.


* 火葬
* 骨灰瓮
* 土葬手续
* 风水福地
* 拾金服务
* 中西式坟墓
* 承接四乐队
* 承接上等中西式寿木
* 喃无纸扎等包办一切丧事
* 外国遗体运送服务

Service Provided:

* Chinese Coffins
* Funeral Cremation
* Monument Masons
* Day & Night Service
* Music Band Arrangement
* Christian Caskets & Embalming
* Tents Fresh Wreaths Tombsone
* FENG SHUI & Heritage of Fortune
* Human Remains Repatriation


富贵山庄 Nirvana Memorial Park
孝恩园      Nilai Memorial Park
静安林      Semenyir Memorial Hills
仙境山庄 Fairy Park
慈园          Rawang Memorial Park


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